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best前面係咪必定要跟the? THX


點解有時會見到 your best friend, a best friends, Hong Kong's best-read paper呢D字?係咪有個article係前面就唔使加the?



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多謝知足常樂既意見 你一直解決左我好多疑難 但係d link好似無提到我既問題 而且我唔多習慣睇用英文教英文文法 我比較想睇用中文教英文文法 THX!

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    (1) "best" can be adjective, the superlative of "good".

    In most of the cases (as attributive adjective, ie. in front of nouns), you need to put an article "the" or otherwise a pronoun in front of "best".

    "best" 作為形容詞,前面係要跟 "the" 或者 代詞 (pronoun).


    That's the best movie I've ever seen.

    This is my best suit. (= this is the best suit of all my suits)

    He is my best friend. (= he is the best friend of mine)

    暫時想不出哪個情況可使用 "a best friend"

    (2) "best" can be adverb, the superlative of "well".

    It is not necessary to put any article in front of "best".


    This is the one I like best.

    China Morning Post is Hong Kong's best-read newspaper.

    best-read, best-known, best-dressed are adjectives which are made up of:

    best (adverb) + hyphen + past participle of a verb

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    You have to put an article "the" or a pronoun (or possessive of a noun) in front of those adjectives made up by the adverb "best" such as best-read, best-dressed and best-known.


    1. the best-dressed woman in town

    2. Hong Kong's best-read newspaper

    3. his best-known song

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    少少補充, 當 best 是 adverb 或 verb 時, 無需要加 the 或 pronoun (my, your, his,.. ) 在前面

    當 best 是 adjective 或 noun 時, 有少數 cases 是無 the 或 pronoun


    Best of all, it is absolutely free.

    I think you are taking a big risk, but anyway, best of luck.

    Which schools are best for sports and music in H.K. ?

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    例子: continue...

    It is best to have an M.D. degree from Harvard and a PhD in Computer Science from M.I.T.

    At best, sales have been good, but not great.

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