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柏賢 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 5 年前


difference between myth and legend suppory your ideas with examples

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    Myths usually involve gods, heroes and humans, in various settings accomplishing supernatural feats. These myths could be elaborated accounts of historical events, an account of natural phenomena; a way to justify a ritual or teach behavior or morals. Myths are basically attempts to explain creation, divinity, religion, to probe the meaning of existence and death, to account for natural phenomena and to chronicle the adventures of heroes. Examples of myths include Greek Mythology, Thor, Roman Mythology, etc.

    Legend, derived from Latin word ‘legenda’ meaning "things to be read", is a narrative of actions performed by humans sometime in history; it an historical account of events and people from ancient times. These accounts may have little amount of evidence supporting the person or place, but it cannot be effectively verified. These tales include people or events in the past that have been exaggerated to the point where it now includes supernatural or extraordinary elements.

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