contract law.

個CASE係A請B幫佢裝修五間屋,完成後會俾返五十萬裝修費俾B,咁B係七月開始裝修.但當B裝修到第二間屋時,發現完工進度要比想像中遲.同埋問A要多五萬去買額外既材料.A就同意會將依五萬加入去個五十萬到,.另外同B講如果B可以係8月25號完工到.就會再俾多額外十萬俾B.咁最後B係8月20完工.但A話佢有財政困難.要求B接受五十萬in full settlement of A account.B接受左.但後尾發現原來A既財政困難其實唔係咁嚴重,於想想問A拎返個十萬


1.was a promise to pay the extra $50,000 a binding variation of the contract?

2.was a promise of an extra $100.000 if the work is completed by 25 agust a binding varation of the contract? b promise to take the $500,000 in full settlement binding on b ?

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  • 6 年前

    This is homework. I will not answer it for you. You should work it out through your study. Furthermore, a definite answer cannot be drawn since both yes and no could be the answers for those 3 questions.

    The case you should also consider are these:

    Stilk v. Myrick 1809 c/f Harris v. Watson 1791

    Williams v. Roffey Bros & Nicholls (Contractors) Ltd. 1990

    Foakes v. Beer 1984

    The area you should also consider is: