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大哥 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 6 年前

Reply business letter

Thank you for your kind help again.

We have completed the extensive testing of the 10 sample tracker bands(運動手錶) that you have posted us about a month ago.

Our results are mixed:

-- 50% of the bands did not function satisfactorily -- i.e., their battery lasted less than 24hrs independent of the amount and method of charging we have used. Some of them were even incapable of lasting 12hrs, which made them impractical to use.

-- The other half of the bands functioned properly and provided satisfactory performance, albeit we lacked a few functions from the Android app.

Therefore, I would like to ask you a few questions:

1) Can you provide some guarantees that the battery/consumption problems can be solved in a potential future purchase? If yes, please, explain how can you ensure that the problem will not surface again?

2) Is your company the developer of the Androd app? Or are you in contact with them? I would like to discuss the possibilities of slightly extending the functionality of the App.

I am looking forward to your kind answer!

我應該點回答好, 比較得體D, 求救.....

以上兩條問題, 我想大約咁答:

Q1) 至於電量不足的問題, 我們已經和技術人員相討過了, 我們已全面更換了一批新的電池, 這批新電池已確保電池使用時間可以超過26hrs.

Q2) 至於Androd app方面, 我們並不是開發人員, 但我們可以嘗試將你保貴的意見發映給軟件發商.

至於封信的頭頭尾尾幫我諗下可以點寫呀, 小弟剛出黎做事, 加上英文不好, 請各位師兄姐指教, 感激不盡…..



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  • 6 年前

    Dear Mr xxxx,

    Thank you for your letter of xx November 2014.

    According to your feedback, we have carried out an investigation on the shortcomings that you experienced during the testing. We have come up to a conclusion that the problem was due to the quality of the rechargeable battery, whereas other components remained flawless.

    We are pleased to offer our solutions in response to your questions, as follows:

    (1) As suggested by our technical staff, we have already replaced all the rechargeable batteries with a new batch (of battery) of better quality, with assurance that the battery discharging time should last over 26 hours after a full charge, with respect to the rated capacity. We are attaching a copy of the battery specifications for your reference.

    (2) We are not the developer of the concerned Android App. However, we could relay your suggestions, including a possible enhancement of the functionality, to the software developer of the App for their considerations.

    We are arranging to send you some new samples for your further testing. You can rest assured that we always strive to provide the best solution to suit your needs.

    Yours sincerely,

    2014-11-19 03:04:31 補充:

    Sorry, correction of wrong phrasal verb:

    We have come to a conclusion that ...

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  • 6 年前


    請不要怪意, 大家都是想幫發問者

    Just a suggestion:

    …. whereas other components remained in good working order.

    …. whereas other components were not found to be defective.

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  • 6 年前

    Thr Reply Business Letter; how dare you ask something like that in 8 yrs 9 months ?

    (Q1):-Regarding the battery-cell electricity shortage problem, we have instructed with our technical staffs that we have to replace with a new type of durable battery likely to last for 26 hrs. (=to ensure the battery life can exceed 26 hrs.)

    (Q2):-As to Android app. ,we can try to ask ,(on behalf of you), the software developer to further improve your soft ware.

    2014-11-18 12:46:04 補充:

    Typing error by you in Q2):-android=droid=a robot that looks like a real person;Hence Android app.

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