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What is the ways to run?

What is the ways to run?

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    The ways to run might be manyfold:-(A) to move fast on foot:-eg:-You had to run to catch the bus. eg:-Run for your lives=He ran ten kilometers in Marathon and can't complete! eg:-Then you often runs errands for your Boss.

    (B)to move or travel in some other way:-eg:-Your car ran downhill out of control off the Garden Road Central.An alarming thought kept running through your mind and soul. Can I run you home

    (C) To flow or make something flow:-eg:-The wine won't run out if it's too expensive! Run the water until it gets hot in the poor Hotel !I am afraid the colours ran white when I washed this red shirt in the bathroom!

    (D)To operate or be in charge of:-eg:-Don't touch the engine while it's running in your factory !This machine runs on by strong electricity.Can you just run the Project-director to check it's working without a computer ?Despite the shortage of drugs and money, they managed to keep their live running ! Who's running this company ?The boss ?Don't try and run your life on this badly-run company.

    (E)To continue in a a prticular direction or state:-eg:-The boundary runs to the south of Hong Kong-Lowu.The road runs over the mountains to HK !The factory's output is currently running low !

    (F) Other meanings:-eg:-The NT well has run dry !Our supply of coal is running low !All people shouted at the Boss; and feelings were running high ,excited, angry !Ebola is running quick in the shanty towns HK ! !Obama didn't run a third time.The Democrats chose Students Unions to run against Govt.!

    (G) phrasal verbs:-eg:-I ran across an old friend in the controlled Central !The police dog was running after me !---eg:-Run along now , all of you gangs ! We are busy .-! run away--eg:-Students ran away from schools.---eg:-Don't run away with the idea that you need'nt do any work, just because you're working for your kind boss ! run down--eg:-The factory industry is running down. ABC's jealous of your success ; that's why they're always running you down ; Good-bye.