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改GRAMMAR!!(15点)(不要網上字典翻譯) 發問

this song in three voices, based on one principal theme and have continuity and fresh meaning is the whole point of such developments.

also,this song adds greatly to the effect of the startling stretto in bars 27-28, and in bar 44 makes a bridge between the chromatically disguised bass entry of bar 43 and the final four-part stretto in descending thirds (bars 44-46). in this stretto (the enlarged converse of the three-part stretto in rising sixths, bars 33-34) the best way to make the crossing parts clear is to bring out the alto more than the soprano, and the bass more than the tenor.

the song as the developments and climaxes are obviously very sonorous, great care must be taken never to force the tone ; and it is well to use the stretti as occasions for a slight insistence of manner which may increase the volume of sound by easy stages. Legato, or (in big climaxes) its equivalent, stentato or portando, is required everywhere except for those commanding repeated notes with which the subject begins. the tempo is a very broad four in the bar ; not quite an eight.

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  • 6 年前


    而且這首歌,大大增加了在酒吧 27-28,令人吃驚的 stretto 的影響,在酒吧 44 使上色變相低音條目的酒吧 43 和最後四 stretto 降冪三分之二 (酒吧 44-46) 之間的橋樑。在這 stretto (在上升六分之三部分 stretto 擴大的匡威酒吧 33-34) 要清除的交叉部分,最好的方式是帶出超過女高音,女低音和低音比男高音更多。

    這首歌作為發展和高潮顯然很宏亮,必須採取非常謹慎從來沒有迫使語氣 ;和它是很好使用 stretti 作為可能增加聲音的音量容易分期的方式略有堅持的場合。嘉道之際,或 (在大高潮) 及其等效、 stentato 或 portando,是所需的地方,除了那些指揮的重複的音符,這一課開始。節奏是非常廣泛的四欄

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  • 6 年前




    為發展和高潮都顯得十分鏗鏘有力的歌曲,非常小心,必須採取從來沒有逼音;而且它是很好使用近作為場合的方式略有堅持其可以增加聲音的由易階段的體積。 Legato公司,或(在大高潮)等值,阻礙或使,到處是需要除了那些指揮重複音符與該主題開始。節奏是一個非常廣泛的四桿;不太八。

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