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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 6 年前

tenses f.1 QUICK HELP PLS

She likes painting.She takes painting lessons every saturday,but she _____ (not/have ) lessons this month because her teacher ________(travel ) in Europe.

why : pls and must explain!



sorry :

the answer of my book is :

does not have

is travelling

how about this situation ?


更新 2:

i do not know why :the answer is does not have

更新 3:

SO can ( does not have ) change to ( is not having)

thx so much

4 個解答

  • 6 年前


    (1) 考慮未發生的情況:

    She likes painting. She takes painting lessons every Saturday, but she will not have (not/have) lessons this month because her teacher will travel (travel) in Europe.


    (2) 考慮已過去的情況:

    She likes painting. She takes painting lessons every Saturday, but she did not have (not/have) lessons this month because her teacher travelled (travel) in Europe.


    2014-10-28 22:50:23 補充:

    如果用你的答案來「夾硬」解釋番轉頭,你可以話由於句子首部份用了 present tense,所以整句也跟著用 present tense 的模式。

    因此,this month(視為一般情況) she does not have lessons,是因為她的老師正在外遊(用 present continuous tense),即 her teacher is travelling in Europe.




    2014-10-28 23:40:33 補充:

    我個人覺得其實你用 is not having lessons 都可以的。

    因為 near future 都可以用 present continuous tense。



    2014-10-28 23:41:08 補充:

    Present Continuous

    USE 1 Now

    USE 2 Longer Actions in Progress Now

    USE 3 Near Future

    USE 4 Repetition and Irritation with "Always"

    2014-10-28 23:41:32 補充:

    2014-10-29 01:31:54 補充:

    Thank you Dustin.

    2014-10-30 22:52:16 補充:

    多謝你 Godfrey。

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  • 6 年前

    請留意前句子是 Present simple. (likes, takes) 談論是現在的事 (regular 常做)

    this month 多數講 present

    have 是 transitive verb, (可作state verb) 多數不用 continuous tense, 除了特別強調現在這一刻 action

    I am having lunch now,

    Have 這個字不同 travel

    “is travelling “是講這段時期 (this month) 正在旅行

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  • 6 年前

    the first answer is (doesn't have / does not have ), and the second answer i don't know'sorry!

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  • 6 年前

    我認為關鍵是 time reference "this month".

    If "next" or "last" is used instead, there is no question about using 未來式 或 過去式 respectively.

    講話時間 could be anytime of the month. It'll never be wrong to refer it as "current" situation. (or sth true for this month)

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