Do goats migrate?Fast!!

Do goats migrate?

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    Most goats migrate from alpine summer ranges to winter at or below tree line, but some may remain on windswept ridges. A Goat's Life

    A mountain goat's choice of habitat makes it particularly unique. A goat lives in locations where many other big game animals cannot survive. Not only do goats live in what we would consider a hostile environment, but they stay there year around.

    Unlike other animals that migrate to lower territory, or hibernate to survive in the winter, Mountain goats do not leave their "comfortable" homes. They may travel downhill a bit to get to areas with warmer temperatures. For this same reason Mountain goats prefer the south facing slopes in the winter.

    Warmer temperatures mean less snowfall and more frequent melting of the snow. Food is more accessible for them in these warmer areas, as well.

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    How do Mountain goats get around in their rugged environment?Mountain Goat in the Wintertime The secret is in their hooves. The hooves of goats have hard outer shells and rubbery, concave (rounded inward) footpads which act like suction cups when weight is applied. This feature helps goats get around in its vertical environment with ease and agility. One false step in this terrain can mean a broken leg, or even death, so sure footing is a must.

    Mountain Goat

    On Your Toes

    Goat toes spread giving the track a square shape with a V in front. Goats tend to drag their feet creating a trough between prints. This is particularly noticeable in the snow.

    Short, sturdy legs and a heavy-set body also aid goats in agility and balance.

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    mountain goat tracks

    The tracks of a mountain goat are 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches long.

    True Story

    Mountain goats have been known to leap 10 feet from one ledge to another, and turn around on a platform that is only inches wide.

    Mountain goats can also pull themselves up from ledge to ledge with just their front

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