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frozen 魔雪奇緣 plot summary


Can anyone tell me the plot summary of the film 'Frozen'?


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    FROZEN very loosely borrowsfrom the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of The Snow Queen: in aScandinavian-like kingdom, two young princesses frolic in the first snowfall.The older sister Elsa has the magical power to conjure ice, so she creates awinter wonderland for her adoring little sister, Anna. But when Elsaaccidentally hurts Anna with her freezing magic, her royal parents decide toshutter Elsa away from the kingdom. The sisters grow up separate from society-- and each other -- a strategy that works until the king and queen die in ashipwreck and Elsa must be crowned the new queen. During the coronationfestivities, Anna falls for a visiting Prince Hans who immediately proposes.When they ask Elsa for her blessing, she scoffs, loses control of her powers,runs up a mountain, and sends the kingdom into an eternal winter. Guilty, Annasets out to find Elsa with the help of unlikely allies -- a loner icedeliveryman Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven, and a goofy, sentient snowmannamed Olaf.