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yuko 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 6 年前


我揾唔到,可唔可以幫我答/上網搵答案Around 20-30 words for each item

1.Describe the functions of following and discuss if they could affect bread quality or nutritional values? (Around 20-30 words for each item)




d.Milk or milk power


f.Unsalted butter


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  • 6 年前

    1, Yeast's function is fermentation, it acts as a important part of fermentation. Without it, the beard will be less fluff.

    2, Sugar's function is to improve the taste of the bread, without it will have a affect on the texture and the taste of the bread.

    3, Salt affects dough texture, making it stronger and less sticky, and it regulates yeast activity, causing fermentation to progress at a more consistent rate.

    4,Milk has a stabilizing effect on fermentation, preventing wild fermentation. It improves crust color because of the lactose sugar it contains. It also improves texture, crumb color, flavor, taste, and keeping quality of the baked loaf.

    5,Egg is a crucial part of the dough making, the yolks help to bind the other ingredients together.On the other side, egg white make the bread more crisp.

    6, Butter prevents the dough from getting too elastic, which controls texture. This elasticity change would also change the maximum air bubble size.

    7, Water is used in bread making to bind the ingredients together and also as the yeast needs moisture to breed it helps this.

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