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其實↓這個dishes係for 聖誕節自己整,唔係去餐聽食.



1.How can you ensure the food safety and food quality of your dishes?

2.What should we notice when we prepare the foods or mix the ingredients?At least give three safety tips.+解釋

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    Any behaviour which could result in contamination of food should be prohibited in food processing, distribution, storage and handling areas. This includes eating, using tobacco, chewing gum, or unhygienic practices such as spitting.Unhygienic practices should be prohibited, such as using food product fallen on the floor or on non-food contact surfaces.

    Stored at an appropriate temperature, temperatures of food handling areas should be appropriate to the type of products handled and controlled to prevent product deterioration (for example, processing fresh cut vegetables should be done in a refrigerated environment).

    All people entering food processing, storage, distribution and handling areas should wash their hands:before starting work;after handling chemicals;after handling incompatible food products (for example, raw versus cooked or ready-to eat) or contaminated materials;after breaks;after coughing or sneezing or blowing their nose; andafter using toilet facilities.