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I have to go the hku to visit the picasso ceramic exhibition but I am too busy to go,can anyone tell me what the exhibition is about?

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    6 年前

    Picasso Ceramic HKUExhibition “Picasso Ceramics”

    Nina Miller Collection first displayed to the public

    unveiling the sculptural qualities and three-dimensional aspect of Picasso’s workThe exhibition of “Picasso Ceramics” from the Nina Miller Collection is being on view at The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) from September 3 to November 2, 2014. The exhibition includes more than 100 ceramic works, both Picasso's Madoura editions and unique individual pieces, as well as lithographs and posters designed by the artist, and images by renowned photographers depicting Picasso in his studio and home. Coming from one of the largest collection of the artist's ceramic ware in the world, this is the first time that the London-based Nina Miller Collection of Picasso Ceremics is shown publicly.

    Examples of exhibited items are:



    Hand painted and glazed ceramic plate. Signed Picasso, dated 1957 and stamped Madoura Plein Feu (on the underside).

    W: 37.4 cm, L: 31.4 cm.

    Nina Miller Collection.


    Duck flower-holder

    Turned pitcher with white earthenware clay, decoration in oxides, knife engraved on white enamel, black, blue, green brown, 1951.

    H: 42.5 cm, W: 21.5cm, L: 45 cm.

    Nina Miller Collection.

    資料來源: http://www.hku.hk/ /press /news_detail_11581.html