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The hotel system also is not flawless because the hotel regulations excessive to limit the employees. The hotel to purchase a packet of tea bags to be equal to a cup of English Teas price and the employee must to follow hotel regulation to collect guest two cups of English Tea price.

In the event, Susie Wong to expect hotel will not be charged the price of two cups of English tea from “If you dare charge, then try it” it is she request to the hotel but after she to express the anticipate, the employee did not respond and ignored she, and then did not look back and go away to lead to Susie Wong after the event feel dissatisfaction and complaints hotel.

From the event to reflect the employee an individual flexibility ratio not enough, just blindly to follow hotel regulations, to deal with sudden occurrence for example the guest requests dense or thin of the tea, employee did not have elasticity of technique to make response.

For this reason, hotel can to do for employee to provide correlation training, to raise their individual flexibility ratio or to establish reward plan to encourage employee even better in the future, creating a memorable experience to enable the guest to lower resentful of the feeling, in the meantime also to lower the complain chance.

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  • 6 年前

    Besides, the hotel's system is not flawless because its regulations are just too excessive and rigid for its employees to follow. The hotel requires its employees to charge the price of a cup of English tea for each additional tea bag asked by the customers and the employees must follow this regulation, despite the risk of infuriating the customers.

    In the incident, Susie Wong did not expect the hotel would charge her the price of two cups of English tea, as she challenged the waiter by saying, “if you dare charge, then try it.” In fact, it was her hint of disagreement with the charge. The waiter did not respond to the comment but ignored her, as he went away without even looking back. As a result, Susie Wong filed her complaints to the hotel to express her dissatisfaction.

    From the incident, it reflected that the employee lacked flexibility in dealing with special situation such as special request from customers for stronger taste of tea, but instead, had just blindly followed the hotel's regulations. It showed that the employee was not equipped with sufficient technique to make the correct and timely responses.

    To improve employees' interpersonal skills, the hotel should provide them with correlation training. The hotel could also consider to establish a rewarding system to encourage its employees and boost their performance in the future. On the other hand, the hotel should enhance its public relation capability allowing its customers to have a memorable and enjoyable experience while spending (money) at the hotel.

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