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煩請幫忙在銷售系統內加上產品號,現金付款的field, FOR我們銷售部作銷售分析用途. , 另外請將報表文件A和B的資料一起出一份

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  • Dustin
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    7 年前


    煩請幫忙在銷售系統內加上翻譯,現金付款的field, FOR我們銷售部作銷售分析用途. , 另外請將報表文件A和B的資料一起出一份


    銷售系統: 電腦應用軟件 作銷售用途

    field (for): part of a record that is a separate item of data 字段﹐信息組

    報表: report, statement

    文件: document (Microsoft Excel document?)

    資料: information, data

    疑問: 一起出一份(報表?) 合併報表?


    For the purposes of analysis by our Sales Department, please create the fields for the product number and cash payment in the Sales Application System.

    Moreover, please produce a (consolidated) report by combining the data (as extracted) from report documents A and B.

    2014-10-09 03:27:14 補充:


    In Excel, somebody will refer 試算表 (spreadsheet) to 報表 (report). 報表文件 could be referred to as XLS file in Microsoft Excel.

    Moreover, please produce a consolidated report by combining XLS file A and XLS file B.

  • 7 年前

    唔好意思呀, Toming88, 似乎譯得不是太正確。

    A 和 B 應該不是日期。

    應該是文件A 和 文件B。

  • 7 年前

    Please help me with the adding of product numbers in the sales system, and cash payment "field", for our Sales Department sales analysis on figures purpose.

    Please file a report with the date A&B to combine as a copy.

    2014-10-09 10:56:17 補充:

    Thanks for the care &concern from "Fulfilment".I'm sorry for the typo. Error&correction:-"-----with the consolidate account data A&B to combine as a copy."I might not earn 10 marks from "tcp",but that's the last part of an ending.