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潔誼 發問於 飲食烹飪及食譜 · 7 年前

焗烤義式千層麵翻譯!!!!!!Thank You!!!!^^



千層麵 五片

義式蕃茄醬 約300ML

洋蔥(切丁) 1/4顆

番茄(切丁) 1~2粒

絞肉 適量

蒜頭(壓碎) 3瓣

pizza用起司條 適量

香料(巴西裏) 少許


1 準備兩個鍋子,一個水鍋一個炒鍋,水滾後加入一大匙鹽和幾滴油並放入千層麵

2 炒鍋熱後滴一些油,先爆香洋蔥和大蒜,炒至洋蔥軟且香味出來時加入蕃茄

3 蕃茄炒軟後加入絞肉,炒熟了才可以加入罐裝(或瓶裝)的義式蕃茄醬,此時可以舀1~2匙的煮麵水進去熬煮,也可以加入巴西裏香料調味讓口味更豐富(最好不要用完整的葉子避免口感不好)

4 千層麵軟時撈起,放在旁邊備用

5 番茄醬收汁收的差不多時,關火並準備一個可以烤的容器(陶瓷或厚玻璃為佳)依醬->麵->醬->麵->醬....的順序層層疊起 (注意麵與醬比例的分配,過程中可以稍微輕輕的壓一下麵讓每層的厚薄均勻,記得最後一層一定要是醬)

6 預熱烤箱180度

7 在疊好的千層麵上均勻灑上起司絲,放入預熱好的烤箱大約10分鐘後等起司呈現金黃色時便可以出爐上桌了!!

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  • kc
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    Baked Italian lasagna


    Lasagna five

    Italian tomato sauce 300ML

    Onion (chopped) one-fourth

    Tomato (chopped) 1~2 size

    Mince the right amount

    Garlic (crushed) 3 cloves

    Pizza with cheese, little

    Spice (Ba Xili)


    1 prepare two pots, a water pot, a frying pan, after boiling and add one tablespoon of salt and a few drops of oil into the lasagna

    2 drops after frying pan heat some oil and saute the onion and garlic and saute until soft and aroma added onion tomato

    3 tomatoes, fried soft then add mince, FRY can join canned (or bottle) of Italian tomato sauce, you can scoop 1~2 spoons of cooking water boiled, could join Brazil in the Spice flavor, taste richer (preferably not in full leaf to avoid bad taste)

    Soft 4,000 level when picked up, placed next to the standby

    When tomato sauce received almost 5, turn off the fire to prepare a baking container (preferably thick glass or ceramic) jam->->-> sauce-> surface .... Stacked layer upon layer in the order (note that the noodles and sauce ratio of allocation, the process can be slightly pressed gently let the thickness of each layer, remember the last level if certain sauce)

    6 Preheat oven to 180 degrees

    7 Diego good lasagna evenly sprinkle the shredded cheese into preheated oven for about 10 minutes while waiting for the cheese golden brown will be released after serving it!