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自己抵死無睇清楚gre subject test個deadline,過左先知。我想問個d話gre subject係optional既graduate school通常會唔會考慮?我成績只有cgpa3.6。有一份jacs的pubilication,ug時跟過4個professor做project。我知多d成績係手會有更多優勢,亦覺得自己無太大競爭力,但都姑且比d意見我,感謝。


1. 照apply optional GRE subject test既大學,最想知有幾大成功率。

2. 轉戰歐洲?但我唔清楚歐洲個system係點,初步見到個到d要自己搵資助,大部份都係比返歐洲人

3. 打一年工下年再伸請。咁樣仲攞唔攞到reference letter?

2 個解答

  • Gary
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    1. Difficult to say.

    You should be able to get an admission offer based on your information. However, certain required information is still missing, which make your chance unpredictable. They are:

    a. Your GRE score;

    b. If you have any recommendation letters;

    c. The postgraduate programs you choose - Master or Ph.D? Which universities?

    d. Your potential research topic.

    2. No comment.

    a. You can only choose the U.K. or other universities that use English as the medium of instruction;

    b. Based on this program at University of Cambridge (usually top universities will have more requirements:

    You have everything needed for the application.

    3. Not recommended, given that you should be able to get an offer.

    2014-10-04 03:29:39 補充:

    You will have to lower your expectation in this case.

    1. For top schools, your CGPA is still low (as they prefered you graduate with honor, which is at least 3.7 or above.

    2. You don't have GRE subject test results.

    2014-10-04 03:29:56 補充:

    You are basically at the top of the "between".

    2014-10-04 13:11:38 補充:

    The U.S. system does not have first-class honor, second class etc.

    3.7 is the entry level for honor (as it represents A-). In most of the case, you will not considered as graduate with honor unless your CGPA is 3.75 or above.

    There is high honor as well.

  • 7 年前

    thank you for your opinion. I want PhD and org chem or chemical biology. choices are blindly based on ranking from QS or ARWU. And I have IELTS score 7.5

    1. UIUC 2. UNC 3. Penn 4. Yale 5. Rice university 6. Michigan university 7. Purdue university 8. Florida university 9. University of Wisconsan

    2014-10-04 06:51:09 補充:

    Thank you. so 3.7 is their definition of first class honor by the US schools, no matter how your university define 1st honor, right?

    2014-10-06 07:24:18 補充:

    Technically, by the time of application I haven't graduated, what if I can get it when I finish this year. Since the decision will be made before that happens, I guess I will still be considered as 3.6. Am I right?