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f.3 english ,英文要懂什麼


f.3 english ,英文要懂什麼





or how to improve english thx!detail pls :)

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    How to improve English is a subject to be studied detailly.Apart from parts of speech,Grammar on Tenses,you have to study the "subject predicative".

    A subject predicative is the complement of a copular verb,(be or seem)

    May be adj.phrase,adv phrase,prep.phrase,noun phrase or a nominal clause;eg-:"-Leung feels very self-inferior"(adjective phrase)

    eg:-Macao is outside" (adverb);

    eg:-"Leung is out of breath" (prepositional phrase)

    eg:-"Macau is my troublesome freiend" (noun phrase)

    eg:-Your advice is to write something"(nominal clause).

    Try learn a complex-transitive verb that has two complements(SVC)

    eg:-a direct object and an object predicate.

    eg:-I made my idea clear",my idea is the direct object and clear is the object complement.

    eg:-leung sent her flowers.

    The predicative relationship between the object and its complement is similar to the Subject and the Subject Predicate

    =My idea is clear. (subject-verb agreement )

    Refer to sentence pattern in English,(1)declarative,(2)imperative,(3)interrogatory and (4)exclamatory sentences

    eg:-(1)Leung read all night long.

    (2)Make those Bread Steak be expensive !

    (3)Were that the howling of wind that kept me(leung) awake ?!

    (4)This Bread Steak taste is out of this world !

    Note:-In spoken English, the example given here are samples of everyday communication.

    All the examples would appear as written English in direct quotations.

    Each quotation when reading out aloud will become spoken English.

  • a) Part of speech: Noun, verb, adjective....

    b) Grammar: Tenses...

    c) Sentences structure: SVO, SVC....

    By the way, your spelling of 'Grammer' is wrong, the correct one is "Grammar"

    資料來源: Me.