NMDB 是啥?

NMDB 是什麼可以幫我解決嗎?

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    7 年前

    The Real-time Neutron Monitor Database (NMDB) is a

    worldwide network of standardized neutron monitors, used

    to record variations of the primary cosmic rays. The

    measurements complement space-based cosmic ray


    Unlike data from satellite experiments, neutron monitor data

    has never been available in high resolution from many

    stations in real-time. The data is often only available from

    the individual stations website, in varying formats and not

    in real-time. To overcome this deficit, the European

    Commission is supporting the Real-time Neutron Monitor

    Database (NMDB) as an e-Infrastructures project in the

    Seventh Framework Programme in the Capacities section.

    Stations that do not have 1-minute resolution will be

    supported by the development of an affordable standard

    registration system that will submit the measurements to

    the database via the internet in real-time. This resolves the

    problem of different data formats and for the first time

    allows to use real-time cosmic ray measurements for space

    weather predictions.

    Besides creating a database and developing applications

    working with this data, a part of the project is dedicated to

    create a public outreach website to inform about cosmic

    rays and possible effects on humans, technological

    systems and the environment.