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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 7 年前


我要三本英文閱讀報告 書難度大約是p5-F2既年級 閱讀報告要的:title,publisher,author,ISBN,page +介紹(80英字)and哪一個角色你最喜歡 為什麼?(60英字)請英文回答!大榭>w<"

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  • 7 年前

    The Folk Tales from around the World as retold by Rosemary Border has the 3 book reports demanded!Learners at p5-F2 levels are found.All are in present tense.

    (1)Title:-The Boy Who Drew Dragons.Publisher:-Oxford U.Press.Author:-Japan. ISBN:-978-0-19-597147-7. Page 26-36.

    In Japan there is a boy who could not stop drawing dragon everywhere.When there is a famine in the country,the parents send the little good boy to the Abbot in temple.Life is good.At night the boy draws many paintings on the walls and got kick out.He finds another smaller temple.He finds sheets of papers and draws a lot of lively dragonsThen at night a demon comes and kills but is killed by the boy's painting dragons and the crops grows well again.His parents are happy.

    The Hero is the boy.He is brave&admired to kill the demon;goodness shown to Abbot&parents;great ability to paint dragons to save his country.

    (2)ISBN(-ditto)In Africa,a mother looks for stories for children.She asks the sea eagle,then sea turtle who climbs on its back to the magic people under the sea with King&Queen.Manza exchanges Zenze's sculture painting with nice string of shells echoing stories inside.

    Admires her bravery to see the underworld-sea;her goodness for stories for children;great ability for making baskets&hats&painting&telling stories from her magic sea-shell inside.

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    (3)ISBN0194229866OxfordArnoldBennett,1898--Toby return fr USA 24 yrs already;finds his old wifeHe works in potter in Derby;who wants to re-married her after thier girl got married.

    Priscilla is heroine admired for bravery for re-married;good for waiting husband;ability to keep thehouse