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埃塞俄比亞航空 伊波拉

我會在8月20日坐埃塞俄比亞航空 出發到韓國, 近日發生的傳染性極高的伊波拉病毒, 在該地方有沒有受影嚮?

我怕如果在坐上這些航班, 會擔心受到感染!

想大家給一些意見, 謝謝

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    6 年 前

    Of course not.

    1. The Ebola outbreak is located at West Africa. Ethiopia is located in East Africa.

    2. Ethiopian Airlines use Boeing 777 for this route. Boeing 777 rarely use in short-haul flights.

    3. With the concern of Ebola, airlines have increased their awareness regarding the issue. So as a fact, it is safer than before.

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