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Topic: Amy is a new student at school, what will you do to help her blend into school?

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    Welcome a new student to your class if you are a teacher or an academic counselor. For example, a new student may not be familiar with your course curriculum, particularly if they are starting out in the middle of the semester (or quarter), or they are first-time students on your campus. Additionally, the student may not be familiar with the layout of the campus, the academic resources available to her or the procedures for accomplishing tasks. For example, students at your school may need a student identification card to make copies. Younger students can be welcomed with games, candy or stories.

    Make sure that the new student has all of the required material if you are the student's parent or guardian. For example, a new student will need to purchase books and have enough pens, pencils and notepads to take notes. Additionally, a new student may need to purchase a new computer before starting classes. Many academic resources are accessed over the Internet, including research databases. It is more convenient for students to own their own computers for these purposes.

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    after that maybe u will change ur idea and let me ----- you.////

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