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(5分) 中文翻譯英文, 千其唔好用翻譯機




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  • 6 年前

    We have performed tests on various settings and they did show some encouraging progress. Nonetheless, due to the limited amount of garments you provided, we are unable to further proceed the tests.

    Still, from the data obtained below, it can be concluded that there is a strong relationship between pressure and time.

    We know that the garment A you received consists of two different batches - the first batch has passed the benchmark whereas the second batch could only be regarded as "just acceptable." Therefore, please kindly produce one sample out of the garment of worst quality for our testing, as well as the relevant data for our reference. In addition, it is appreciated that if you could provide us the amount affected by your latest temporary suspension in production.

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    6 年前

    布料 is "fabrics"

    "garments" is 服装