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Anonymous 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 6 年前

a problem of my dear sister

my sister is in f5

she has a tutorial teacher in large tutorial centre

at first hshe found the teacher very interesting and caring....maybe yea in happy moments

actually she has become increasingly disatisfied with the male teacher ,aroind 21

becuz he taught eberything wrong and seems like daydreaming whatever my sister said

and finallt all things go wrong

the final result is of course it hurts my sister and she cried for days and nights

then she came up with some solutions

she sent an email to the male teacjer ,scolding as bad as she could....hoping that she could,hoping to scare him away.....

the following days he didmt reply

mt sister deemed that he wont reply and told me that

but suddenly last night

she screamed and told me that he gradually replied !!!

then we both are shocked to hear that and to know that piece of news !

is he a monster?didnt he feel embarrased when he still taught my siser?

whats the purpose of still staying and teaching her ?

”pls everyone,amswer me !!!


haha but the problem is

i reli reli dun understand why he insists to teach her even though my sister had typed some offensive words

blaming him

this is the rudest way rhat i have seen my sister ever been already!!!

i can tell u

after i saw that passage

if i am a normal person,i woukd be furious

更新 2:

would be furious to death already ...i reli reli will reject teachkng this student if this student is lkke this blamkng everythkng on me

but why he still says sorry and keeps on teaching her ?!

its confusing,isnt it ?

btw my sister is from f4 to f5

sry abt that!

更新 3:

so gd Toming88!!!

u have answered what i have been worrrying abt ;)

2 個解答

  • 6 年前

    If the 21 male tutor replied gradually to your sister, staying and teaching her even getting the furious blaming letter,then it means he wants the job.

    btw f4-f5 should be attaining level 5* *by Paper 1 reading sample paper; by Paper 2 Essay writing narrative/creative writing B1 ; by Paper 3 listening; and by Oral conversations on HK Actors and Artists.

    Hence keep up with your sister's good work.cheer up and mock the exams. and enjoy yourself.

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  • 6 年前

    If it is true, it is unbelievable.

    Your sister can simply quit joining the tutorial school. Your sister has nothing lost doing so. Finding another tutor is not too difficult but your sister has to figure out what she wants to gain from the tutorial sessions. As you mentioned, your sister is already in F5, there is one more year to go. In fact, the time is running short. Give some rational advice to your sister and urge her to make up her mind, hurry up and back to the right track. You may drop me a line at if your sister wants more advice particularly on learning.

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