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現行法例容許警務人員係公眾地方向可疑市民進行截停搜查, O甘係大學校園範圍入面又可唔可以?


年前有大學曾經發生警務人員進入校園o既事情, 引發一場風波, 有冇人知道呢單事情o既詳情?

更新 2:

如果警務人員進入大學校園向任何人截停搜查, 會否一如果次事件引發爭議? 請具體說明

更新 3:

同埋大學校園應該歸納為公眾地方, 還是私人地方?

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    1. Yes - Universities are not special areas that the police's authority does not apply.

    2. The detail, in a simple word, is regarding the police's unreasonable detention of certain students during a visit by Chinese Prime Minister.

    Based on the existing law, once the search is completed, the police has only 2 choices - either arrest or release the subject. In this case, neither happened and the students are prevented from leaving the premise.

    2014-07-03 03:29:11 補充:

    3. It is possible. As a way to safeguard, universities hire their own security (and of course, under the universities' rule, the security has a limited search authority, like verifying if you are a student or not). So it is rare for the police to be on campus.

    4. Limited-access public area.

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