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英文單字 「烤」 的問題

broil bake roast grill barbecue


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    BROIL ( verb) American English

    ~ to cook food over/under extremely high heat

    broil fish, chicken

    BAKE (verb)

    ~ to make food, such as bread, cakes, by preparing a dough, batter, and cooking it with dry heat in an oven

    ~ to cook food using dry heat in an oven

    bake cake, bread, cookies, pie, beans, fish(salmon), ham, casserole

    ROAST (verb)

    ~ to cook meat or vegetables in an oven usually in its own juice (or over a fire)

    ~ to heat nuts, coffee beans, quickly in order to dry them and give them a particular taste

    roast chicken, turkey, beef, pork, ham, potatoes

    GRILL (verb)

    ~ to cook food over or under strong heat, For example, putting it over a flat metal frame with bars across it, above or below strong direct heat

    grill steak, sausage, bacon, chop, chicken, fish(salmon), cheese, mushroom, onion, tomatoes

    BARBECUE (verb)

    ~ to cook food on a metal frame over a fire, usually outdoors (over hot coal, or an open fire)

    barbecue chicken, meat, fish, ribs

    小心字的配搭 (collocations)

    Difference between “bake” and “roast”

    When you bake or roast something, you cook it in an oven without liquid, except casserole.

    You bake bread and cakes, but you roast meat. When you roast potatoes, you cook them in an oven in some fat. You can also roast a large piece of meat or a bird over a fire.


    This word “barbecue”, once used in mainly of large social entertainments in the open air at which animals like pigs or oxen were roasted whole, has become suburbanized and domesticated. A modern barbecue is an outdoor feast of steak, fish or chicken (or even hamburger) cooked rapidly over hot charcoal.

    2014-07-02 01:38:59 補充:

    燒肉 = roast/roasted pork

    叉燒 = barbecued pork

    資料來源: Longman English Dictionary; Modern English Usage
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  • broil:

    1.AmE -to cook something under direct heat, or over a flame on a BARBECUE(1) 【美】烤; 焙; 炙; GRILL(1) BrE -【英】


    1.[I,T] to cook something using dry heat, in an OVEN 烘﹐烤﹐焙

    2.[I,T] to make something become hard by heating it 烘乾﹐燒硬

    3.[I] informal -to be too hot 【非正式】過熱


    1.a large piece of roasted meat 大塊烤肉

    2.AmE -an occasion at which people celebrate a special event in someone's life by telling funny stories or giving speeches about them 【美】慶祝聚會 dog roast/oyster roast etc -AmE -an outdoor party at which food is cooked on an open fire 【美】戶外燒烤熱狗/牡蠣等野餐會


    1.BrE -a part of a COOKER (1) in which very strong heat from above cooks food on a metal shelf below 【英】〔爐具中熱力自上而下的〕烤架; BROILER (1) AmE -【美】

    2.a flat frame with metal bars across it that can be put over a fire, so that food can be cooked quickly on it 柵狀烤架

    3.a place where you can buy and eat grilled food 燒烤店﹐燒烤餐館

    4.a grille 〔門窗〕護欄;〔汽車散熱器的〕護柵


    1.a metal frame for cooking food on outdoors 〔用於戶外的〕烤肉架 outdoor party during which food is cooked and eaten outdoors 燒烤野餐

    資料來源: yahoo字典
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  • 6 年 前


    「例如 bake, grill, broil, roast,這幾個字,如果查字典,中文全部都有「烤」的定義。好一點的字典會說明這幾個之間的差別,萬一只有做單詞解釋的字典,就分辨不出來了。


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