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中文翻譯英文 急!! 謝謝!!不要電腦翻譯!

我已經跟足指示及多次嘗試,確定儀器是不能使用,顯示畫面只停留在選擇語言及已使用量Statistics,說包含的沒有給我,購買前你們說儀器已使用量是Power Cumulated Time: 114h:21 /Standard koolburst # of shots: 88250,但我收到的是 Power Cumulated Time: 630h:10 /Standard koolburst # of shots: 226284,但儀器不能使用真的不能夠接受,真的很失望,我需要退回儀器及金錢

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  • 6 年前

    Despite that the instructions are strictly followed and numerous vain attempts have been made to check whether the equipment is still usable or not, with no exception, the screen freezes at the language select menu and the usage statistics panel.

    Furthermore, the specifications of the equipment (Power Cumulated Time: 114h:21 /Standard koolburst # of shots: 88250) are not consistent with those specified in the information I got before my purchase (Power Cumulated Time: 630h:10 /Standard koolburst # of shots: 226284).

    It is unacceptable that the equipment fails to function properly and this completely disappoints me. Therefore, I would have to return the equipment and request a refund.

  • 6 年前

    Chan-56 with the Translation C/E:-What's C/E ? culminated, verb, Not cumulated.

    -----I have followed through your full instructions with plenty attempts determining this instrument can't be used !

    ----With your display based and stayed on language choice&Usable Statistics run,what should be included in function declared have not been included any where ,any time?!Before the purchase you said that the equipment has Power Cumulated Time=114 hr:21/Standard koolburst#of shots:88250; yet what I have received were Power Cumulated Time:630 hr:10/ Standard koolburst#of shots:226284.

    -----It is really unacceptable,disappointed,that the instrument can't be used !(With minor change&adjustment)I need to return the equipment&refund or you're officially charged with a crime in court by me.

    -----Your company will also be prosecuted for breaching the instrument Act,HK !

  • Gary
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    6 年前

    I've tried many times with full instructions and determine the instrument is not available, the display only stay in the language and has been used to select the amount of Statistics, said to contain no to me, before you say, the instrument has been used to purchase the amount is Power Cumulated Time: 114h : 21 / Standard koolburst # of shots: 88250, but I have received is Power Cumulated Time: 630h: 10 / Standard koolburst # of shots: 226284, but you can not use the instrument can not accept really, really disappointed, I need return equipment and money