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救英文作文 sample

救英文作文 sample

Over the past few months . there has been a gang of teenagers gathering in the park next to your building, drinking and making a lot noise at night, you have called the police once already but the problem still exists .

Now you have decided to write a letter to the police. Write a letter of complaint describing the problem, and how you and your neightbours have been affected

by the group of teenagers . Conclude by say what further action you will take if the problem persists

Pls help !!!急救英文作文 sample (500 words)

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    The Essay Sample 500:-

    To subdue the rebels.

    Dear Sirs and Madams


    The Complaint about the rebels;

    I am writing to complain for the problem of gang of teenagers gathering in the park at night.

    In addition to their abnormal drinking and shouting, the police had for once only been chasting them away.

    In fact all my neighbours have been affected in peaceful sleeping for further professional working by tomorrow. They are worried in that their beautiful daughters being raped as it would enable gangster to gain raping experience of high respect in the gang (like India news) with the safety opportunities for hiding in the Licensed-Bars and Public Bars around !

    In capacity to my skills as School Karate club members, I would bring all friends,neighbours to the Bars to prove our ability to subdue the rebels by force if problem persists that no policeman will ever come !

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Your faithful citizen,



    Enclosed Prints.