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English grammar

Tom stated that an notice / form sample would give to Evan for his reference and to distributed for residents to fill in their choice.

Tom 表示回條的樣本會給Evan作參考並派給居民填寫.

Please help me to check above sentence whether i make grammatical mistake.

Thanks you very much!!

3 個解答

  • 6 年前

    Tom 表示回條的樣本會給Evan作參考並派給居民填寫.

    Tom的意思是叫 Evan 派回條給居民填寫:

    Tom stated that a sample of the reply slip will be given to Evan for his reference and onward distribution to residents for them to fill in their choices.

    2014-06-15 15:02:21 補充:


    onward distribution (of the reply slips) = make copies and deliver them

    2014-06-15 15:05:04 補充:

    Sorry, 應該是: Evan收到樣本之後,他就會分發回條給居民。

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  • 6 年前

    Errors and corrections:-

    Tom presented a sample acknowledged

    to Evan for his reference


    distributed the copies

    to residents

    to fill in.

    Hence you've subject and predicates.

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  • 6 年前

    Tom stated that [templates of the reply slip] would [be given] to Evan for his reference and [x to] distributed [to] residents [for them to] fill in their [choices].

    2014-06-14 21:54:02 補充:

    不過我覺得用複本 copies 好似會比較合理

    2014-06-15 00:09:47 補充:

    因為通常唔會比 sample 人填,而係比 copies

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