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2.為何可以説she was glad.而不能説a glad woman?

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    English grammar (ENG):-

    (1)Adjectives can be used attributively when placed before noun,when they qualify a noun,not used predicatively:-eg:-total failure---absolute happiness.---atomic bomb----indoor pool.-----main point----main ingredient----total amount----utter exhaustion.

    (2)Adjectives can be used in two ways:-attributively, predicatively.

    Adjectives are used attributively when placed before noun,when they qualify a noun,eg:-She is a glad woman.He is a hardworking boy.

    Adjectives are used predicatively when they form the predicate with the verb to be or other verbs of incomplete predication.That is a white house,the adjective white is used attributively. In the sentence "That house is white." the adjective white is used predicatively,following the linking verb=is.

    Other eg.of the predicative use of adjectives after verbs of incomplete predication are:-

    She was very glad. The boy was hungry. I thought him to be very intelligent. That kettle makes the water hot. Her efforts proved useless. She has fallen asleep. She dyed her hair pink. She was not glad !

    2014-06-17 11:08:32 補充:

    She was glad belongs to Concession,manner,reason,Not condition--purpose.(1)She was glad when the serious meeting was over.Glad when you're safe,glad to meet you,glad of your help if you could help me! (2)Idiom:-She is glad to say that she's a glad woman.She'd be glad to lend you the money!

  • HaHa
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    6 年 前


       可能你一時想漏,其實glad絕對可以做attributive adjective,如:glad tidings. 和glad day

  • 6 年 前

    99% of adjectives are both predicative and attributive adjectives.

    1. 這些形容詞 "absolute, atomic, indoor, main, total,utter, ..." are part of the rest of the 99% and can only be attributive. 只能放在名詞前

    2. 這些形容詞 "glad, afraid, alive, alone, asleep, ..." are part of the rest of the 99% and can only be predicative. 只能作主語補語 subject complement


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  • Jenkin
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    6 年 前

    1. 你列的形容詞一定是配名詞的

    absolute truth

    atomic bomb

    indoor sports

    main entrance/gate

    total failure/success

    utter fool

    2. glad是狀態的形容詞-不是本質的形容詞,所以形容一個女人快樂/欣慰並不是指她的本質,因此想法上中文也不會講






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    total failure, total number

    absolute power, absolute control

    atomic structure, atomic number

    indoor pool, indoor antenna

    main reason, main idea

    total failure, total number

    utter rubbish, utter nonsense

    2014-06-14 01:38:43 補充:


    因為 glad 屬于 predicative adjective i.e. adjective that follows a linking verb.

    比較 attributive adjective ~ adjective that comes before a noun.