movable and mobile

what is the difference between movable and mobile???

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    Movable = 可移動的, 有點硬性

    - able to be moved

    Mobile 除了可移動, 還增添流動性, 比較多方面活動些, 多些意思

    - able to move freely or be easily moved

    MOBILE (adjective) = 流動的, 行動方便, 可動的

    1. not fixed in one position, and easy to move and use in different places

    mobile device, mobile phone

    2. movable or able to move from one job, area or social class to another

    a highly mobile workforce, upwardly (downwardly) mobile, socially mobile workers

    3. (of a person) able to travel around

    He has got a broken leg and isn’t very mobile.

    4. 表情多變

    A mobile face is one that can change its expression quickly in a way that is attractive

    mobile feature, mobile eyebrow

    mobile shop (clinic, home, library) – a shop etc that is kept in a vehicle and driven from place to place

    mobile phone (Br.) = cellular phone (or cell phone) (US)

    MOVABLE (adjective) = 可移動的

    1. - able to be moved and not fixed in one place or position

    例如 movable arms and legs (玩具 Teddy Bear), a chair with movable armrests,a movable antenna/partition

    2. - happening on a different date each year (節日)每年日期不同的, movable feast

    除了作形容詞, 兩個字可作名詞, 不過有特別的意思

    Movable (countable noun, usually plural) 動產【法律】, 〈如家具〉

    Mobile (noun) 1.〔懸掛在繩索等上的〕風動小飾物 2. 移動式電話

    Pay special attention to the collocations.字的配搭

    "mobile" and "movable" are not interchangeable most of the time.

    資料來源: Longman English Dictionary; Yahoo Dictionary
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    movable 純粹只係話「郁到」,但無講到話佢「易唔易郁」

    mobile 就係「便攜」嘅意思,除咗「郁到」之外,仲係「好易郁到」,例如 mobile phone