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中文姓氏 "何" 及 "余"



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    改英文姓氏中文姓氏 "何" 及 "余"(廣東話)轉洋人那種英文姓氏

    "何" - Hall

    "余" - Yule


    Hall - English, Scottish, Irish, German, and Scandinavian: from Middle English hall (Old English heall), Middle High German halle, Old Norse hǫll all meaning ‘hall’ (a spacious residence), hence a topographic name for someone who lived in or near a hall or an occupational name for a servant employed at a hall. In some cases it may be a habitational name from places named with this word, which in some parts of Germany and Austria in the Middle Ages also denoted a salt mine. The English name has been established in Ireland since the Middle Ages, and, according to MacLysaght, has become numerous in Ulster since the 17th century.

    Hall is one of the commonest and most widely distributed of English surnames(常見和分佈廣的英文姓氏), bearing witness to the importance of the hall as a feature of the medieval village.

    Yule - Scottish and English: nickname for someone who was born on Christmas Day or had some other connection with this time of year(出生於聖誕節或與每年的這個時候有關係), from Middle English yule ‘Christmastide’ (Old English gēol, reinforced by the cognate Old Norse term jól). This was originally the name of a pagan midwinter festival, which was later appropriated by the Christian Church for celebration of the birth of Christ.

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