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首先,這個課程裡的內容有很多都是有接觸過的,但也是很久的事情,感覺得令我很像回顧我所失去的記憶一樣。課程內容包括了Experiential Learning, Self-Exposure, Self-Development, Family, Emotions, Personality…etc. 每個課的內容都是我們在日常生活中一定會接觸到的,而當中,最令我印象深刻的是Personality and Self-Management.

每個人都有一個不同的Personality,以前我也接觸過Enneagram,但導師從來都不會詳細說明每一個personality的特徵,因此我從來只是知道我是屬於那一類型personality,其餘的就甚麼都不知道了。而這次導師派了一份很詳盡的Notes,令我隨時了解自己的personality。而我的personality is type nine.

九號最核心的性格是和平、愛好和平的原因是害怕鬥爭、糾紛和競賽,這和八號的好勇鬥狠正好相反。亦因為九號的這皇怕紛爭的性格,所以他們不愛出風頭,最好能每天都平平涼淡地過日子! 當遇到紛爭時,只要那一方的力量較大就會自然又無奈地偏向該方。

thank you

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  • 6 年前

    First, there is so much of this course which I came across a long time ago. So it feels like reminiscing in taking the course. The course includes topics like experience learning, self-exposure, self-development, family, emotions and personality. All of them are what we commonly face in our everyday lives, and what make the greatest impression on me are personality and self-management.

    Every one of us has a unique personality. I have learned a bit Enneagram before but the tutor at that time would never explain the characteristics of each personality in details. Thus, I have always known nothing other than my personality type. However, this time, the tutor gives out a detailed handout allowing me to gain a better understanding of my personality anytime. And my personality belongs to type nine.

    The type nine personality is essentially being peaceful due to the fear of competition, which is opposite to the type eight personality of being aggressive. This is why people with type nine personality do not like to be under the spotlight. To them, a plain life is always the best. Whenever they find themselves caught in the middle of a competition, they would naturally sway to the more powerful side, with little they could do to change the situation.