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匿名 發問於 娛樂及音樂電視其他 - 電視 · 6 年前



但係係網到推介既一般都5係我聽開既類型(我都5知係咩類型- -樣樣有d)...



***最好[英文],普通話/廣東話一般...好聽既都可以既~ :D


Maroon 5 : Payphone(!!!!!!), Daylight , Move like jagger ..... etcetc

Coldplay((好多,特別佢地既old style,近年冇咁鐘意)) : Viva la vida(!!!), Fix you, Yellow, Paradise, Scientist(!!!) .....etcetc

Imagine Dragons : Radioactive, Demons(!!!), It's time(!!!)

One Republic : Counting Stars(!!!) , Marchin On, Apologize....

Daft Punk : Get Lucky

Justin Timberlake: Suit and Tie

Passenger : Let Her Go

仲有好多....若果冇咩歌推介但係鐘意呢d歌既都黎交流下啦~!!! :DD

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  • 6 年前


    Lenka: (佢有好多輕快既歌) The Show, Heart Skips a Beat, Trouble Is a Friend, Unique...

    Taylor Swift: Love Story, You Belong With Me, I Knew You Were Trouble

    Leona Lewis: I See You

    Katy Perry: Firework

    Kate Voegele: 99 Times

    Avril Lavigne: When You're Gone

    Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha

    Ke$ha: Die Young

    Lady Gaga - The Greatest Thing

    Demi Lovato: Neon Lights, Let It Go

    One Direction: Story of My Life


    張韶涵: 隱形的翅膀, 有形的翅膀

    胡歌&白冰: 美麗的神話 (個人覺得呢個版本好聽d~ 起碼好過果位同金喜善一齊唱


    梁靜茹:崇拜, 可惜不是你

    希望你鐘意la!!! ^-^

    資料來源: 自己聽過
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  • 6 年前

    Well Katy Perry is always my favourite haha : Unconditionally , Birthday , Roar , Dark Horse

    Miley Cyrus : Adore, We can't stop, Wrecking Ball

    Jonas Brothers : Neon, Wedding Bells, First Time, The World

    Demi Lovato : Made in the USA, Give your heart a break, Neon lights, Heart Attack, My love is a star

    Carly Rae Jepson: Your heart is a muscle, this kiss, tonight i'm getting over you, take a picture

    Lana Del Rey : Summer Time Sadness, Damn You, Young and Beautiful

    Leona Lewis : Bleeding Love, Whatever it takes

    Ellie Goulding : Burn, How Long will I love you, The Writer, Lights

    Drake : Find your love, Hold on we 're going home

    Christina Aguilera: Your body, Say Something, Beautiful, Reflection

    Calvin Harris : Sweet Nothing, Need Your Love, Thinking About You, Summer, Under Control, Let's Go

    HAIM : The Wire, Go Slow, Forever, Falling

    資料來源: hope you will like it :)
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  • 6 年前
    資料來源: /
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  • 6 年前

    其實我個人就比較鐘意Taylor Swift,One Direction,Katy Perry

    Taylor Swift:Back to December(她曽經將Apologize一齊唱)

    22&We are never ever ever getting back together(比較輕快)

    仲有好多:Mine,Mean,Speak now

    One Direction:(大多是輕快)

    What makes you beautiful,One thing,Best song ever


    Katy Perry:Roar,Part of me,Birthday,Walking on air


    Beyonce:If I were a boy

    Leona Lewis:Footprints in the sand

    Bruno Mars:Just the way you are,Treasure

    Selena Gomez:Come and get it

    Demi Lovato:Heart attack


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  • 6 年前

    Let it Go (Idiana Menzel) - Frozen

    Let it Go (Demi Lovato) - Frozen

    Fireflies - Connie Talbot

    Count on me - Connie Talbot

    A Moment Like This - Leona Lewis

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