ce phyrics 2009 Lq

我想問ce 2009 paper 1 Q2c) 叫我地"explain why the thick cushion is better for rescuing the man" 但個答案就話 "the average resistance force by the cushion is smaller" 唔係應該要增加average resistance force咁先可以抵擋跌落黎既衝力,減低個男人受傷既機會咩?


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  • 天同
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    Clearly not, a large force hurts the man. Just like someone hits with, the harder the blow, the more serious you will be hurt.

    The effect of a cushion is to lengthen the impact time, so as to reduce the impact force. As a result, the froce acted on the man is within the limit that a person is tolerable without getting hurt. This is the reason why the cushion can save the man.