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Bio Qs plz help 20點!!!

Why the deficiency of phosphorus in plants will lead to poor growth, '''' particularly that of roots.'''''?

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  • 6 年前

    Why the deficiency of phosphorus in plants will lead to poor growth?

    It is because phosphorus is an essential compound to form lipid and then phospholipid bilayer of cell membrane. Therefore, lack of phosphorus result in poor growth of some cellular structure such as cell membrane, mitochondria membrane.


    Why lead to poor growth particularly that of root?

    Root is responsible for absorption of mineral from soil mainly in active transport. The concentration of mineral (nitrate, magnesum ion) in soil is lower that than cell, so the cell cannot absorb mineral normally by simple diffusion. The absoption of mineral mainly depend on active transport which is a energy needed process due to against concentration gradient.


    If lack of phosphorous, the mitochondria membrane cannot develop well, so hardly can the plant carry out respiration normally to release energy for active transport. Thus the plant is unable to absorb mineral for growth. As a result, the plant cannot absorb essensial mineral for growth.

    Magnesium: make chlorophyllNitrate: make protein.


    In addition, since the plant cannot absorb mineral well, the low mineral concentration cause high water potential, thus the plant cannot absorb water efficiently by osmosis.


    Consequently, the plant grow poorly thanks to insufficient water and mineral absorption.

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