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good morning!every one! Today I'd like to say something about people benefit from shopping on the Internet? online store is much cheaper than a retail outlets Unlike a retail outlets, there is no rent to pay or other utility bills directly related to the store, which could save even more money. For example a one items transported to consumers may be go through many dealerships cause items prices rise,section online store will be from the factory delivery to consumers ,reduce transportation costs can offer a cheaper price to consumer.

online store can read product reviews, user opinions, and manufacturer specs with minimal exertion. Most reputable sites make aware the availability of each item. retail outlets only listen to the clerk of the commentary. But the clerk under normal circumstances explain the purpose of the product consumers will want to buy, clerk nor neutral.

online store is a 24-hour operation,consumer shopping can be any time .make the product more fast delivery of consumer. Consumer can quick view online store various types of items and don't personally to the shop pick out and buy. can save you much time .

Smartphone appear even more cause online shopping very convenient,any time and location can also shopping .For example I have tried on the mtr buy clothes and shoes, These are retail outlets can not do.

online store can provide relatively rare items,for example some 1960s album, retail outlets no longer on sale, only online store to sell.


Online store can't test the product,If the items is damaged,Only the items are delivered back online store,in case online store belonging to other countries,procedures will be very cumbersome.For example I bought a chair found damaged,to transport back ,need to ask the seller's address,after to pay for transportation companies,To be able to transport back.


Contrary modern retail outlets is easy to transport goods back are and easy to deal with when returning, exchanging, and using the warranty.

更新 2:

Retail outlets excel in servicing the customer, there's usually storefront to voice a grievance in person. The Government will monitor ,Shop appear problem is easy to prosecute. Online store contact more difficult usually only the telephone and e-mail.

更新 3:

If Online store go bankrupt It is difficult to prosecute.

Summary i think shopping on the Internet is good, because online store can save even more money and save much time .In the busy city life is needed.

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