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想下問有咩phrase係關於traffic 同roads?

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    ~ traffic accident, traffic regulations, traffic sign, traffic safety,

    traffic ticket, traffic violation, traffic report

    ~ traffic congestion =交通堵塞

    ~ traffic jam =交通擁塞

    ~ traffic volume = 交通量

    ~ traffic calming =車輛减速措施

    ~ be struck/caught/held up in traffic

    ~ avoid/miss the traffic

    ~ traffic is diverted

    ~ heavy/light traffic

    ~ oncoming traffic, two-way traffic, rush-hour traffic

    ~ the roar/rumble/hum of traffic

    ~ traffic in something (trafficking in drugs)


    ~ on the road

    ~ hit the road = 動身, 離去

    ~ down the road

    ~ pull off a road

    ~ road hog = 莽撞駕車者

    ~ a road fork, a fork in the road 道路分叉


    All roads lead to Rome

    = There are many different routes to the same goal

    Road to Damascus

    = a sudden turning point in a person's life

    Where the rubber meet the road

    = at the point in a process where there are challenges, issues, or problems.

    get the show on the road

    = to get (something) started

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions

    = something that you say which means people often intend to do good things but much of the time, they do not make the effort to do those things

    資料來源: The Free Dictionary