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hong kong

how to write hong kong places daily????please

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  • 6 年前

    The news means new information about something happened recently.What's the latest news? Have you heard (hear) the news?That's great news today.Tell me all news on HKDSE. Any news on the DSE by Ed. Bureau?You must want the good news only.Hong Kong places means news story/item/report/education DSE etc.

    You must get a HK diary book 2014 ,and a free copy "The Standard" circulation daily and look for the places you want.But I suggest you write down from the dailyMarch 13,2014 as eg:-

    (1)Top news 1:-No Link To Press Work"---9 held chopping attack---Andy Tsang-- connected at Ming Pao---

    (2)Top News 2:-Pan-democrats to snub=rebuke Leung's Shanghai trip---accept the invitation---lawmakers to visit---

    (3)Top News---TV watchdog denies a picking on RickyWong bid----must comply with ordinance---mobile TV licenses.

    (4)Central Station News:- Shop shopper pays record price---200-sq-ft shop in Percival St. for HK$1.13 million per sq.ft.---broke 2012 record on TST haiphong Rd shop--

    (5)Local---Funny side of parody seen for copyright law---eg:-Henry Tang a parody popular target etc.

    Shopping by smartphone on the rise---

    Actions speak louder than words like "bossy"----Ban Bossy keeps girls from being learders 32--60--By Art student Gloria Yu,a designer,writer,and a citizen of the world.

    Learn from Local daily than places daily.

    Learn write the summary that a short statement that gives only the main points of something,not the details for your DSE report and a good practise writing performance. Otherwise refer to thestandard (dot)com.Remember the main points only .Keep up the good work !

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  • 匿名
    6 年前

    Hong Kong 852 Ju Shi Zhi Ming

    Hong Kong 852 Te Shou Zui Sheng

    Hong Kong 852 Wen Qian Zui Le

    Hong Kong 852 Jing Yan Feng Fu

    Hong Kong 852 Che Duo Ren Duo

    資料來源: Hong Kong 852 Entire Written By ” Putonghua 23 ”
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