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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 7 年前

staff (members) 用法




那因而用staff members

請問staff member能否指一個員工?

5 個解答

  • 匿名
    7 年前

    staff (members) 用法


    staff可指單數或是眾數,但是collective noun(員工隊伍)用法。 staff能直接加s,意思是幾隊員工。

    那因而用staff members, 請問staff member能否指一個員工?

    一個員工要用staff member。


    Many Hong Kong students use the word 'staff' wrongly, for example using 'staffs' to refer to a number of workers and 'staff' to refer to one worker. This is wrong.

    Explanation:'Staff' is a description of a group of people. It is similar to 'team'. Sometimes a staff and a team are thought of as a single group of people (e.g. 'The staff were very kind'), and sometimes as a collection of individual people (Most of the staff were from Hong Kong).A single member of a team is 'a member of the team'. In the same way, a single member of the staff is called 'a member of staff '.WordPart of SpeechExamplestaffnoun, plural (a group of workers)- We have seven hundred staff.

    - A number of staff have asked for leave.

    - Three-quarters of our staff are graduates.

    - None of the staff have volunteered.staffnoun (uncountable, collective)- The staff were very good.a member of staffnoun phrase (one worker)- She has been a member of staff for 20 years.

    - Seven members of staff are on sick-leave today.

    - Some members of staff are late. Plural noun

    'Staffs' is sometimes used to mean the staff from a number of organisations; e.g. 'the U.S. had to reduce its embassy and consulate staffs in Cuba.' (The staff from the embassy are one staff, and the staff from the consulate are a second group of staff, so that makes two staffs.) However, using 'staff' is also acceptable here.'Staffs' sometimes occurs where the grammar of an associated part of a sentence requires a plural; e.g. 'one of the largest news staffs in America' ('one of the' should be followed by a plural, and this is a comparison of staffs in a number of news organisations).'Staffs' can also refer to other meanings of the word staff, e.g. flag staffs (the poles from which flags hang), or shepherds' staffs (wooden poles that shepherds use when herding sheep).

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    總括來說, 英文staff(職員)一字的用法:

    1. 沒有s的可數眾數, 例HKPU has thousands of staff,

    單數是寫a member of staff或a staff member

    2. 不可數collective noun(集體名詞),例The staff finished work late last night.

    眾數加s,例Ming Pao has one of the largest news staffs in Hong Kong.

  • 7 年前

    STAFF (uncountable, collective noun, plural) 全體職員 ~ the people who work for an organization can be referred as its staff.

    e.g. medical staff, school staff, nursing staff

    The bank expects to lay off 100 staff.

    It is good to have you on full-time staff.

    We need to raise the staff morale.

    STAFF 可以做 countable noun, usually singular

    The company has a staff of fifty.

    You do not refer to an individual person who works for an organization as a “staff”. You refer to him or her as:

    a member of staff (一個員工) ~ British English

    a staff member (一個員工) ~ American English

    You can use singular or plural form of verb after staff.

    The staff are working under pressure. ~ British English

    The staff is working under pressure. ~ American English

    The plural form staffs is less frequent but is used in both Br English and Am English to refer to more than one group of people:

    Companies have increased their sales staffs.

    Other meaning:

    Staff (countable) = a long stick (old use) 棍﹐棒

    Staff (countable) = a set of five lines on which music is written. 五線譜

    資料來源: Yahoo Dictionary
  • 7 年前

    Dear Chan,

    staff singular,:- all the workers employed in a company considered as a group:-medical staff; teaching staff in a school, We have 100 part-time members of staff in the flower-show HK. Staff members,staff training are all done outside the meeting ground.Then a staff meeting in the staff restaurant free of charge !

    Hence staff can be singular;a staff of 100.=a group of 100 people. I have 50 staff working for me in the park.If it is the subject of a verb and is plural=The staff in the garden-show are very helpful after the training.

    Hence staff can only be singular:-a staff of 100. The staff in this park is very helpful.

    The plural form staffs is less frequent but used to refer to more than one group of people:-the leader and his staff (singular no.)

    Leaders and their staffs of security.(plural). An attempt to ans. only.

  • 7 年前

    staff 可以是 countable 的

    countable 的話,即 staff(s),是指 "杖" 而非員工

    而指 "員工"的 staff 是 collective noun,像 police 一樣,不加 s,卻是指 "一羣員工",故此即使沒 s,這個指員工的 staff 是眾數的。

    staff member 是 countable 的,你的理解没錯。

    2014-03-06 18:40:36 補充:

    I have a staff. 我有一枝杖

    The staff are lazy. 員工們很懶

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  • 7 年前




    STAFF MEMBER 唔係指一個員工的


    會用a staff of company 吧??

    如果用a staff member of company ,Gammer不對吧 or 多了

    資料來源: 交流