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who's a big bully then?


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    Who's a big bully then?

    An Attempt to Answer Only.

    Bully refers to persons who use their strength or power to frighten and hurt weaker students meaning the school bully.

    Many students are being bullied at school but no tactic to deal with it !

    It is a problem on intimidating and ill-treating students.

    If he refuses to give in to bullying,then he got sacked in toilet by ill-treating etc.

    Big has the meaning that she'll be bullied into signing anything like on a document in DR beauty parlour for finer blood-fluid culture's ill-treatment in exchange for a big sum of money.

    Bullying is a problem in many Chinese Herbal Medicine Shops in that Chi. customers are big-bullied and intimitated into buying anything in weight from a tael means a pound as advertised in television for a big sum of money.

    Education from Consumer Council should be a guidance to advise you for a 200 criticism and comment.

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    Who's A Big Bully, Then?


    作者:Michael Morpurgo

    出版:Barrington Stoke



    語言學習 > English Readers

    英文 / 單色印刷 / 平裝 / 64頁 / 橫排

    ISBN: 9781842999141

    定價: $ 96.00 (港幣)

    出版地:United Kingdom

    讀者評分: [我的評分]

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    內容簡介 :

    The school bully is beaten in a race and wants to get even with the winner – What happens when the winner dares Darren Bishop to take on Olly?

    Written by the renowned children's books author Michael Morpurgo, Who's A Big Bully, Then? is a comedy of a boy, a bully and a serious case of mistaken identity.

    About Barrington Stoke:

    Barrington Stoke publishes the most accessible books to help children to find a love for reading. With stories written by well-known authors and a good variety to offer: Comedy, supernatural tales, real-life stories, astonishing fact books, thrilling adventures... there’s always a Barrington Stoke book that will keep the reader turning the pages. Written in simple, clear English, these books are especially suitable for students learning English as a second language.