Christmas carol oral

Christmas carol

The Christmas present that I would like to choose for Fred / Bob is .......

@ reasons for choosing this present

@ when would be the best time to give Fred / Bob the present

@ where could you buy it.?

@ budget

@ how much would it cost?

Could you afford it?

Is it valuable?


補充:Fred 係主人公侄子 Bob 係主人公員工



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  • 7 年前

    The Christmas present that I would like to choose for Fred/Bob is as follows:-

    (1)Fred will get 3 bottles of Whisky highland high quality strong alcoholic drinks and a set of golf equipment.The reason being at Christmas time present got to forget the past and start living in the present for Uncle Scrooge.Best time to give will be at the same time when misery,misanthropic uncle had seen the three spirits.When the ghost of present time (=present tense in grammar)had reminded the 3 presents, echoing 3 Christmas ghosts meaning 3 Christmas presents.Try buy at London shopping centre at West End bargain centres. The budget+cost+are all affordable and valuable in the sense that you are giving them to Fred as a gift at Xmas .

    (2)Bob Cratchit will get a purple top overcoat for Xmas occasion meaning an elegant outfit with fur layers and linings.The best time to give will be when he feels cold and wants to get rid of the tattered white clothes.Buy at the same old place and time.Since it is not expensive as leather jacket outfit,it is within Budget,cost and is affordable.When you give to Bob an overcoat as a gift at Xmas will remind Scrooge the Boss the Xmas present should be given to his employees.The present spirit seems to remind him as well at this moment.

    If what I am writing are not included in your critism,don't be rude or write the critism about the above 7x2=14 questions yourself.Thanks.