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Java programming

The Magellan School for Sailingoffers classes in a numberof subjects relevant to would-be sailors. For each subject, a student will undertake several assignments. To complete an assignment, a student will submit one homework paper, and then take a short examination, for which marks between 0 and 100 will be given.Allow a single studentto record resultsfor more than one subject.For example, letIlene Tan enter results for both Blue-water Navigation and Chart-reading.Whengrades forall subjects have been entered, calculate anoverall grade (using the same criteria as forindividual subjects). Write a program in Java which can do the following:


(1) Read in fromthe keyboard a singlestudent’s Registration Number (an integer between 500 and 5000).

(2) Read in fromthe keyboard the student’sfirst and family names.

(3) Read in the student’s subjectnumber, after offeringa menu showing subjects and corresponding numbers.

(4) Read in the number of assignments for which the studentwants to enter his

or her final homeworkand examination marks. This willalways bea whole

number (an integer) between 1 and 4.

(5) For each assignment, read inthe final homework mark, and the final

examination mark (these may bedecimal – ‘real’numbers).


The program should print out thestudent’s details, as entered, and then:

(a) Calculate and display the student’saverage (mean)homeworkmark.

(b) Calculate and display the student’saverage (mean) examination mark.

(c) Calculate and display the student’s average overall mark:this is based on

taking 20% of the average homework mark and adding it to 80% of the average

examination mark.

(d) Calculate a letter grade for the student, basedon the following mark


A 75andabove

B 60to 74

C 50to 60

D 40to 50

E 35to 40

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    No one is going to do your homework for you!

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