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匿名 發問於 教育及參考書標準及測試 · 7 年前

IGSCE international exam :)

Currently, i'm having trouble registering in HK colleges. I had finished my year.11 studies and passed my O level exam in malaysia. When i return to hk, i called up many universities in HK. They told me that students who has an IGCSE A level certificate will only be qualified. May i know is that any other bussiness colleges in HK that would take me in as i only have my O level certificate?

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    7 年前

    The answer is no.

    1. By using Hong Kong's old secondary school system, you need A-level.

    2. By using Hong Kong's new secondary school system, you are 1 year away from graduation.

    Simply saying - in Hong Kong, you are not qualified for any higher education.