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Hi Jeremy,

How (1) are (be) you?

I (2) borrowed (borrow) a book from the library yesterday. It (3) is (be) about the Wright Brothers. These two brothers (4) invented (invent) a plane. They (5) were (be) very hard-working and intelligent. They (6) did not give up (not give up) when the (7) failed (fail), but they just (8) kept on (keep on) trying. So I admire them very much.

What (9) do you want (want) to be when you (10) grow up (grow up) ? I (11) want (want) to be an inventor like either one of the Wright Brothers. So from now on, I (12) will be (be) more hard-working. I will not play computer games all the time anymore. I believe my dream (13) will come (come) true one day.

Please (14) reply (reply) and tell me about your dream job.

Ans (8) kept on / have kept on ????


2 個解答

  • 7 年前

    chorwai 你好,對於我剛才的回答,或許你仍有一點疑問,那讓我解釋一下吧。

    我理解為何你會發問答案會否是 have kept on,相信是因為你見到文中有 just 一詞,所以你疑惑會否應使用 present perfect tense。


    該段指出萊特兄弟發明飛機經歷了多次失敗 (they failed),但他們沒有放棄 (did not give up),而且他們只管繼續去嘗試 (just kept on trying)。

    三個動作 fail, give up, keep on 都是描述過去的。

    我覺得三者皆用 past tense 是正確的。

    "They did not give up when they failed, but they just kept on trying."


    如果句子是 "They did not give up when they failed, but they just have kept on trying.",這樣則會很怪異,而且意思不確。

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  • 7 年前

    Wright Brothers 已經不在人世, 講的是過去往事,

    "一直嘗試,試驗" ,這個動作早已停止

    用 Present perfect tense 是與現在有關聯, 跨越兩個時間,過去和現在

    8. "kept on" ~ past tense 是正確

    "have kept on" ~ Present perfect tense 是錯

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