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Ugly Betty interesting Part??

BOOK report :Ugly Betty interesting Part?? Plzzzz^_^

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    Hello, I think the hereunder information might be useful for your book report.

    'Ugly Betty': Fall TV's most interesting character

    “Betty” walks a fine line between satire and drama and, astonishingly, it doesn’t fall off that razor’s edge very often. It’s also impressive that it manages to retain the essential sweetness of its title character. "Betty" mixes comedy, social commentary and drama in a way that few other programs, aside from Showtime’s darker “Weeds,” manage to pull off. (“Desperate Housewives” is a cautionary tale of how that mixture can go sour.)

    With her determined chin jutting out, her eyes bright with intelligence and her heart full of hope and ambition, Betty Suarez is by far the most interesting new character of the TV season (and how refreshing that she’s not a cop, a doctor or a lawyer). As played by the terrific America Ferrera, Betty’s no victim; she understands that most of the Mode staff is out to get her.

    But Betty makes a few friends, and even manages to occasionally outsmart her many office rivals, whose tortures range from the petty to the deeply mean. She even wins over her feckless but more or less decent boss, who eventually comes crawling to Betty’s house, not just to apologize for his cold behavior but because he realizes he needs her help.