English book report (200words)

I have borrow abook call< Monsters University>(please use this book to do the report)

please help to finish a book report above 200 words

paragraph 1:introdution above30 words

paragraph 2: Brief summary above50 words

E.g. who are the main character ?

What is the poit about?

paragraph 3-4:a part inspires ypu above100 word

E.g. which part the story is the most attractive?

what have you learnt from that part?

If you are one of the character what should you do ?

Can you think of areal life situation in which you can apply what you have learnt from the part ?

paragraph 5: conclusion above 20 words

E.g. did you enjoy the book?

who should you recommend the book to ?

thx very much 15points

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  • 7 年前

    Eng book report 200 on any/this book called< "Monster University">

    Helping you to finish a book report200:-


    Overview=movie review in introduction in this Disney Animation Comedy with Director Dan Scanion. Monster U is about overcoming "scare" to fight successfully against it !


    Summary from positive Content is that Mike Wazowski is told that he will never be scary.He doesn't belong on the scare floor,just on the scare movie chair,and can't cause public fear. Mike wants to be a scarer by going to Monster's U. Mike&Sully become friends after incident in cheating contest from the Dean;after a party;after a good luck symbol mascot;etc.Damn it.Then they were successful in the job market as 2 scaremonger(s) !


    Mike&Sully become friends are the inspiring part. We try learn how to cheat in a contest w/o Dean's knowing;how to steal a rival school's mascot symbol; how to cause public fear like the poison formula milk powder in China+Bomb scares. We learn how to overcome adversity in real situation through friendship.


    Conclusion reaches differently:-Try reach your dream regardless of what others might think! No biblical teaching, no worldly ideals, no savory images depicted,it is extremely silly&derogatory which don't really recommend you go see it.(200 words)

  • 7 年前


    give u some brief ideas about this

    and then


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