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Unit 23 Punctuation p.148-151

Unit 23 Sentences p.144-147

Unit 10 P.69


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    Unit23 Punctuation p148-151:-

    Functions of punctuation:-tells the relationship of parts os a sentence or one to another.

    The apostrophe used to show possession, omission and plural of figures and letters

    Brackets and dashes indicate an interruption in thought in place of commas.

    The brackets and full stop can be used when figures and letters are used for numbering.

    Caret (^) indicates an insertion ^ due to ^ omission.

    The colon, the dash, the colon dash used for Introduction.

    Comma separates yet carries on sentence parts may be words, phrases or clauses;(in non-defining adjective clauses).Hyphen joins words together to form compound words.

    The semi-colon is a stop stronger than a comma but less extensive,forceful than a full stop.

    Note the punctuations in dates, addresses, letter writing and dialogues.

    Unit23 Sentences p.144-147:-

    Complex sentences:-Main Clause+dependent clause

    Compound sentence:-Main Clause+independent clause

    Compd+plex:-Main Clause+co-+sub

    A co-ordinate clause is one which may form an independent unit, in both meaning and construction.eg:-I can go to the cinema because I am invited for I am award winner also.

    Unit 10 P.69:-

    Read for yourself Phrases; Noun Clauses; Adjective Clauses; Adverb Clauses.Co-ordinate Clauses-as shown in Unit23+Unit 23.

    Keep up your good work .

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    coordinating conjunction is a conjunction placed between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences of equal rank, eg:-and ; but ; or. It is contrasted with subordinating conjunction.