Apps store gift card questions apps store and itunes gift card the same? Can i buy apps with itunes card or buy songs with apps store card? when i try to buy something in app store, it will ask me my billing method

(credit card),and i dont have one. If i redeem the apps store card will the system

ask this again?

3.what are the available values of itunes and apps store gift cards in hk? In hkd thx are they available in seven elevens and circke K?

Thank you very much.

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    1. Yes. Yes - as the card will be loaded into your iTune account.

    2. Yes - it is a portion of account setting.

    3. $100-$1000 depending on your choice. They are only available from either online or Apple Retail Store.