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PC 發問於 政治及管治法律及道德 · 7 年前

Safety assignment問題

State the applicable legal requirements and necessary statutory forms. Who is responsible for issuing the forms? 請問點解? 謝.


我讀緊 Occupational Safety and Health Courses 既 legislative , assignment 關於construction, thx!

更新 2:

Thanks very much WK.

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    7 年前

    - Are you taking one of the General Occupational Safety and Health Courses?

    -What is the Course Title? or

    -Are you asking about safety issues regarding a specific industry?

    e.g. construction industry, catering industry, dangerous trades

    - or Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance

    2013-12-21 23:16:35 補充:

    - Construction site safety is mainly governed by:

    Chapter 59 Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance and

    its Subsidiary Regulations

    - with emphasis on:

    Chapter 59, section 6A: General Duties of A Proprietor

    section 6B: General Duties of persons employed

    section 7A: Codes of Practice

    section 8: Commissioner may amend the schedules

    section 9: Notification of Workplaces

    Chapter 59I, Title: Construction Sites (Safety) Regulations

    Regulation 38A: Duty of contractor responsible for

    construction site to ensure safety of places of work

    Regulation 38AA: Duty of other contractors .........

    Chapter 59Z, Title: Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Officers

    and Safety Supervisors) Regulations

    Reg. 15, Duties of Safety Officer

    Reg. 17, Duties of Safety Supervisor

    Chapter 59Z, Schedule 4

    - you can view the above at the Labour Department web site under

    Labour Legislation

    - the other regulations under this ordinance are also relevant


    - Development Bureau web site


    the list of STATUTORY FORMS regarding construction appear on 2 places:

    (1) Chapter 2, (para. 2.2.5) Statutory Forms, p.4 to p.7

    (2) List of Appendices

    note: 1. Appendices to Chapter 2

    Appendix I - Statutory Forms

    - It is advisable to read the whole chapter 2


    Whos is responsible for issuing the forms?


    The Labour Department is responsible for the enforcement of Safety

    Legislation on construction sites through its Occupational Safety and

    Health Branch.

    - you can download the Statutory Forms from the Labour Department

    web site.