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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 7 年前



1. 我們的貨物中有8瓶酒是30度以上的。據我方了解,30度以上的酒出入口需要酒牌和進出口證,請問你方是否有這些證件?請你了解你方當局(日本)對這些烈酒的進口有什么要求?如你方具備進出口酒的條件,我方會要求物流公司將運輸的報價報價我們。30度以下的酒可以當一般貨物進行運輸,無需特別證件。

2. 請問關于退回給我們的那筆匯款,你方的處理程度是怎樣?什么時候可將它存入我司帳戶?

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    7 年前

    . 我們的貨物中有8瓶酒是30度以上的。據我方了解,30度以上的酒出入口需要酒牌和進出口證,請問你方是否有這些證件?請你了解你方當局(日本)對這些烈酒的進口有什么要求?如你方具備進出口酒的條件,我方會要求物流公司將運輸的報價報價我們。30度以下的酒可以當一般貨物進行運輸,無需特別證件。

    Among our consignment, there are eight bottles of wine with over 30% alcohol. As far as we understand that ought to have liquor and general imports licences but do you have such licences? Please try to find out what requirements should be required especially for export of liquor with over 30% alcohol by Japanese custom? As provided your have that export requirements, then we'll ask the logistic company to provide the quotation for shipment of that consignment. As learned, there will be no special licence required for liquor with below 30% alcohol.

    2. 請問關于退回給我們的那筆匯款,你方的處理程度是怎樣?什么時候可將它存入我司帳戶?

    Referring to the refund of that remittance, what is the proceeding of your management ? When'll that be deposited into our company's bank account?

    資料來源: Partly according ”The Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English with Chinese Translation” published by Oxford University Press in 1975
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    7 年前

    還是要去 品質不錯,老婆很喜歡。


  • 7 年前

    1 We have 8 bottles of goods is more than 30 degrees. According to our understanding, more than 30 degrees wine entrances need a liquor license and import and export licenses, would know whether you have these documents? Please know your local authorities (Japan) imports of these spirits What are the requirements? If you side with the import and export of wine condition, we will ask the logistics company will transport Quote us. Wine can be 30 degrees or less when general cargo for transport without special documents.

    2 Will be returned to us on that sum payment, the degree of how to handle your party? What time will it be deposited in our bank account?

    資料來源: --
  • 7 年前

    An English genius.

    1. "An" is used instead of "a".

    2. "English" must start with a capital "E".

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  • 匿名
    7 年前

    1. we have 8 bottles of wine which are over 30 degree celsius among our goods.According to my department,the import and export of the wine that are over 30 deree celsius needs licences,i would like ro ask whether u have these lisences?Pls make it clear for Japan that what criteria is for these bottles of wine?If u fullt possess these criteria,then we will demand the logistics to inform us the price required.On the other hand,those that ate below 30 degree C ate treated as common goods ,no lisences are needed.

    2. Wanna ask that the compensation that you have made to us .How's the process?When is the money ready in mt account?

    2013-12-18 00:48:01 補充:

    some typo error but i think u can interpret them,right?Do ask me if u have any questions about this!!!

    2013-12-18 00:49:25 補充:

    those that are ...and all the t 's should be y

    like mt should be my

    資料來源: by a english genius